Can I get tickets at the door?
You can get tickets at the door for any show, unless it is sold out. Check to see if the show you are interested in is sold out.

Where can I park?
We have no parking lot, so you will have to contend with street parking when you come to NerdMelt.

Do you guys sell alcohol?
No we do not. We do sell delicious candy and water.

Ticketing system- I could login before, why can’t I login now?
We just upgraded our ticketing site, which means that you’ll need to re-register to buy tickets with us again. You’ll only have to register once, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

I want to check on tickets I’ve already bought with you guys in the old system.
You may have trouble checking on those tickets at home (don’t worry, we have record of it here), but if that happens and you have a question, you may email

Terms & Conditions of Sale.
These terms may vary at NerdMelt’ discretion, and will be effective upon posting to the Web Site. You must agree to them, and any current variations to them, each time you make a purchase from us.

No Cancelations, Exchanges or Refunds
Once confirmed, bookings may not be cancelled, exchanged or refunded except as required by law or as detailed in these Terms and Conditions. NerdMelt can not take responsibility if you do not or can not attend the performance(s) confirmed in your booking.

No Resell or Scalping Tickets:
CPC § 346: It is illegal to sell tickets that were bought for the purpose of resale for more than face value without the written permission of the event sponsor. Resold or Scalped tickets will be voided.

Confirmation e-mail
Booking confirmation will be sent by e-mail and will include tickets, invoice, the show times, ticket specifics and other details of your order. You will also receive a confirmation that funds have been removed from your PayPal account. The e-mail from NerdMelt will be sent within 60 minutes of payment being received. If you do not receive this ticket confirmation but did receive a PayPal email, you may show a valid ID at the door for admission. If you have any questions beyond this, you may email

General Admission Tickets
Tickets will be marked as “GA” (General Admission) where they are for entry to free-standing or seating zone and no particular seat will be allocated.

Price Changes
All prices are subject to change without prior notice until your booking is confirmed.

Lost Tickets or Forgotten Tickets 
If your tickets are lost, forgotten or stolen you may produce a valid form of ID for admission.

Uncontrollable events
Certain things lie outside NerdMelt’s control and many situations are unavoidable or not reasonably predictable. Except as required by law, NerdMelt is not liable for any loss, inconvenience, damage, additional expense, injury, delay or any other claim in relation to: Changes to event information, program, performers or performance dates, including the cancellation or rescheduling of events; actions or omissions on the part of independent contractors or others outside of NerdMelt’s control, who supply products and services in connection with tickets and ticket packages; unknown or unforeseen defects in any venue, vehicle, device or material used in connection with products sold by NerdMelt; venue/promoter policies or legal regulations including, but not limited to: dress standards, bans on cameras and recording devices, the responsible service of alcohol and safety regulations; or events which are unforeseeable or not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part including, but not limited to: war, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of God, acts of Government, acts of terrorism, accident, failure of machinery, labour disturbances and acts or omissions of telecommunications and delivery service operators beyond our reasonable control.