Right off of Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood sits Meltdown Comics.  When you walk in to the verifiable comic book Mecca and head to the back, a Nerdist logo greets your entrance to one of the most unique performance spaces in Los Angeles. It isn’t your typical showroom with plush chairs, dark walls and a far off green room marking the divide between performer and audience. This is the NerdMelt Showroom.

If NerdMelt’s vitality is partially drawn from it’s unique aesthetics and surroundings, perhaps the rest is thanks to the community that has found itself drawn to Chris Hardwick’s vision of bringing the best, most unique entertainment to you with the help of Program Director Caitlin Durante and the NerdMelt team.

It’s a place to see some of the best comedians, podcasts, writer’s panels and art shows come to life in the back of a comic book shop. It’s The Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics and it’s the D.I.Y. beating heart of Los Angeles’s comedy community.

Photo by Tyler Ross ©atrossity