Caitlin Durante, Program Director | Producer

Caitlin is a writer, comedian, former Hooters delivery driver, and current Program Director at NerdMelt. She is the producer and host of Luck of the Draw, The Special Occasionally Show, and the NerdMelt Open Mic every Monday. Listen to her movie podcast, The Bechdel Cast! @caitlindurante



Jenny Chalikian, Stage Manager

Jenny is a stand-up comic out of Boston. She enjoys cartoons, her tiny cat prince, and amateur falconry.

Jenny C



H. Alan Scott, PR & Social Media Coordinator

H. Alan Scott (@HAlanScott) is a writer and comedian. He contributes regularly to MTV, Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Daily Dot, xoJane, OUT, Splitsider, Somecards, and his Mom’s Facebook wall. He’s produced numerous shows at NerdMelt, including #Chemocation, about his wicked experience with cancer and chemo. Oprah said his name. He’s single.

H Alan Scott



Matt Burnside, House Manager

Matthew has been with NerdMelt since the beginning. No one has called his podcast This Is Rad! “genius” or “a sensual nirvana.” He occasionally goes outside.



John Ungaro, House Manager

John Ungaro has been a NerdMelt community member since 2011 when the showroom’s first open mic, “Matt Mira’s Day Off”, premiered. He has since gone on to intern at the showroom until he was made a House Manager in 2013. John produces Stonecutter’s LA, a free Simpsons trivia show with special guests, at NerdMelt. Lastly, John is also a stand up who’s preformed many times at the theater.



Jake Robinson, House Manager

Jake is a producer of SketchMelt at NerdMelt, a photographer and may or may not be British. Expect stuttery rants that don’t go anywhere. @thejerobinson



Loretta Underwood, House Manager

Loretta is a transplant from Northern Idaho. Actor, director, improviser, dog enthusiast. You can find Loretta watching music videos or dancing solo in the back of the NerdMelt Showroom. Twitter/Insta/Snap: heyheyloretta



Kimmie Lucas, House Manager

Kimmie is a writer, a ukulelist, and is probably watching 30 Rock at this very moment.




Zac McKeever, Tech Coordinator

Music. Work. Surf. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.



Beowulf Jones, Tech

Beowulf Jones produces and hosts RISK! LA ( He is Canadian, and would like to see pictures of your cats.





Chris Hardwick

Founder of Nerdist Industries, the host of Comedy Central’s @midnight, AMC’s Talking Dead and The Nerdist podcast, Mr. Chris Hardwick. @hardwick



Hannah Kyle Crichton

Hannah Kyle Crichton served as Program Director of the NerdMelt Showroom from September 2014 to November 2015. Hannah currently works for Just For Laughs Montreal as a Programming Consultant and as a freelance producer. @hannahhhkyle



Emily V. Gordon

Emily V. Gordon is a former therapist and current writer, producer, and podcaster. She served as the Program Director for the NerdMelt Showroom from April 2011 to June 2012, and was the booker and producer of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (the Wednesday show) since its inception in 2010. She is also an Executive Producer of the TV version of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail on Comedy Central.  @thegynomite




James Nevada

From the coal mines of Pennsylvania, James is the half-proud, mostly-tired father of a pup named Lucious. When he’s not making sure Lucious doesn’t poop all over the house, James enjoys making films and taking pictures only in hopes to get more followers on Instagram.

LuciousApril2016-17 (1)


Gordie Earle

Gordie = Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind + Jeff Mangum x Zelda / Magic Hat. He makes films and puts them on

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.22.14 PM


Becca Greenberg

Becca Greenberg hails from Philadelphia where she was born weighing one and a half cheesesteaks. She moved to LA to be an Actor/Writer/Standup Comedian and so far it’s been going pretty well. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, baby animals and witchcraft.



Alvin Lam

Alvin likes to talk to Alvin in the third-person while Alvin writes awkward bios about Alvin. Alvin doesn’t like to be grabbed by the chipmunk. Unless you’re a predatory, tax-exempt, orange lasagna.



Sophia Ortega

If you catch Sophia wearing color she feels wildly uncomfortable about it. Her friends know her for paying too much attention to what sneakers her favorite comedians are wearing.


Lindsay Lleras

Lindsay is from Chicago (or “Gang Land” as a pumpkin stand owner on Ventura once called it). She is an illustrator, animator, comic artist, amateur ukulele songstress, and creative dabbler. She enjoys ice cream and looking like she’s fifteen forever. If you go to a party with Lindsay and suddenly can’t find her, search for a cat, dog, or baby. She is probably with them.


Cassandra Dwyer

Cassandra is a recent college grad from Buffalo, New York. She is a screenwriter, a true crime enthusiast, and is now accepting applications for a rich spouse. You can usually spot her at her featured show, yelling at tourists for moving too slow near Hollywood and Highland.


Gigi Teverbaugh

Gigi is an aspiring hip teen from Los Angeles. She enjoys improv and sketch comedy and is often told she looks exactly like this painting of President John F. Kennedy.


Flora Petrosian

Flora is a California girl, evident by her sunny blonde hair. She loves pop culture and puppets, and named one of her dogs after Nathan Fielder. You can follow her @florasaur and @ellahasfriends


Daniel Trainor

Daniel is a devoted fan of the Detroit Red Wings, professional wrestling and Britney Spears, making his head a very confusing place to be. He routinely performs around Los Angeles with his improv team Treasure Lake. In high school, he was voted Most Likely To Be The Next Oprah Winfrey, something that pushes him every single day.


Havana Mahoney

Havana is a comedian who likes to make bold decisions because that’s how she envisions her projected self, but her true self always ends up regretting it – almost immediately. She co-hosts a comedy/advice podcast called Don’t Take Our Word For It and makes funny videos for her YouTube channel Dad Magic. In her spare time she plays video games for strangers on the internet and tweets about her complex relationships with food and men (@havanarama).


Max Kerwien

Max is comedian, award winning poet, and nighttime eater. He hails from Seattle, where being damp from the rain is one of his hobbies until he can quit his day job and pursue it full-time.


Caroline Weiss

Caroline is a writer whose career highlights include being a starred commenter on Gawker and self-publishing a novel with her high school best friend. She has hung up on Charles Manson twice, but promises never to do it again.


Lauren Winters

Hailing from Baltimore, Murderland, Lauren came to Los Angeles to pursue any and every thing that generates uneasiness during family reunions. In addition to comedy, Lauren loves rowing, smelling candles at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and pretending to understand the New Yorker.