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Mar 062012

In deference to an ancient code honored by recappers through the ages, I watch every episode of Adventure Time at least twice before writing about it. The code was established by Confucius in 510 BC when recapped the minutes of Justice Ministry meetings to his disciple and only grandson Zisi.

The code evolved to accommodate the complex, variegated needs of recappers from around the world. Napoleon famously recapped shopping for heightening shoes to his admirals, while Cate Blanchette’s character in Lord of the Rings recapped the entire movie to the audience as it was happening. In an earlier draft, this gag culminated with some guy named Albert recapping the recappers code for his friends one night in college, but I decided it was too meta to be funny so now I’m writing about not wanting to publish a joke about the joke I’m writing about publishing.

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Feb 012012

This episode mostly concerns cheese. Finn and Jake are in the woods, by a fire, eating dogs. Hot dogs, people. Don’t be vulgar.

Although, it was a bit vulgar that Jake is so into mystery meats named for his species. Also, he doesn’t like soft cheese goop, but he can’t remember why. Where you at, Chekhov’s gun?

The dude’s are softy-cheesin’ it up woods-style when Ghost Princess comes along. Her crown floats above her ghost body. She has a strand of hair that never quite stays out of her face, but she sort of owns it. She’s all like, I have to haunt this realm until I find out who killed me so I can go to the 50th Dead World.

Then Finn’s like, “Yes! A procedural!” Jake’s like, cool man whatevski’s.

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Jan 242012

They are taking down two trees outside my window. One is a giant fig and the other a pine. I keep imagining them with little Pendleton Ward eyes and mouths, pleading for their branches.

“Don’t prune me, dude!”

If they based R-ratings for TV shows on arboricide and coulrophobia, this episode of Adventure Time would be buried in the same vault they keep all the racist Sesame Street episodes I just made up. Because if you don’t like seeing clowns or injured trees, take a pass on this episode.

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Jan 172012

And… we’re back. I missed this; I missed the show and writing about the show. I write about other things, but none resonate out from my neurons so far that I can still feel tremors in my blood cells a month later. Please don’t let that healthy, heart-opening bout of euphoria surprise you. I’m eating a crispy banana.

Perhaps I should have spent the off-time writing about the free 266 page eBook Frederator released. It’s full of sketches and production art and it’s as hypnotic and silly and perfect as any episode. In that vein, I could have done (and should do) a piece on the title cards. This week’s was exceptional.

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