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Nov 232011

No show kills a doorman quite like Adventure Time. Pen Ward and co. can’t animate the murder because it’s a kids show, but they can intimate it happened for laughs. The most reliable way to do this involves plying Finn and Jake with home cooking. As with “Tree Trunks” missing apples, we arrive in the Berry Kingdom, where Wild Berry Princess serves piping hot pies before revealing an assassin’s note, “stabbed to my door… man.” LOL, etc.

This episode can’t top the darkness of last weeks “No One Can Hear You,” but it’s not for lack of trying. Wild Berry Princess, bordering on radioactive levels of cuteness with a tiny crown sitting like an eensy-thimble on her stem, loves to cook. Meat. She loves to cook thick, raw slabs of meat. Her berry-bush castle is full of big game carcasses: cows, a hammerhead shark, a pig, some Hemingway-sized fish. In the kitchen giant hocks of mammal hang on hooks, while links of fresh-packed sausage drape from the ceiling like soon-to-be-ubiquitous Christmas lights. There’s a bone saw on the wall, an axe near the door, and a chainsaw on the floor. Oh, and a guillotine!

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Nov 022011

Adventure Time is off this week, so let’s explore Finn the Human’s bedroom.

Finn lives in a tree house with his magical dog, who seems like a solid dude and a better roommate. Jake (the Dog) loves food and experiments in the kitchen. He’s always down for an adventure and his girlfriend can recolor objects with her magical rainicorn horn. It’s a great situation and Finn’s a lucky guy. Also, their gaming system is sentient and can program itself, which saves a grip on utilities and entertainment.

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