Comedians & “Cry-worthy” videos collide on one stage!

Join Nikki Glaser, Howard Kremer, Chris Fairbanks, Nicole Byer, and Jon Huck as they watch tear-jerking web videos with you and then try to FOLLOW THAT!

Hosts Matt Lieb (Viceland, The Star Wars Show) & Jason Webb (Amazon Comedy) host and serve up emotionally manipulative videos like “Soldier Surprise” or “Thai Insurance Commercial.” Immediately after each heart-wrenching video, (and just when none of us can look each other directly in the eye) the comics are called on stage to FOLLOW THAT! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but probably not in that order.

With Guests:
Nikki Glaser (Not SafeKimmelFallon@Midnight)
Jon Huck (This is Not HappeningSuperstore)
Nicole Byer (ConanLoosely Exactly Nicole, Girl Code)
Chris Fairbanks (Almost Genius, Conan, World’s Dumbest)
Howard Kremer (Kimmel, Who Charted?)  

Tickets are $8 in advance / $10 at the door – GET TICKETS