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Feb 072013

That’s right, SketchMelt, the hit sketch-comedy showcase show is tonight and man, what a great line up. For realzies! OK, you want some proof. Well here’s a taste: Rachel Bloom (Robot Chicken), The Birthday Boys (Funny or Die), Murderfist (in from NYC), Lindsay Ames (Key and Peele, College Humor), Sweaters (former New Kids on the Block backup dancers #NotReally), The Mutiny (SF SketchFest), and more!!!

SketchMelt NerdMelt Showroom

And that’s not all, Co-hosts Brad Gage (Family Sandwich) and Christian Spicer (Double Jump, Weekend Confirmed) have some fun planned for you too. So yeah. You should go. It’s going to be so much fun.

SketchMelt. Great. Sketch. Comedy.

Tickets HERE.

Also, be careful with knives. Take producer Danielle Kramer’s word for it!


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