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Jan 252013

NerdMelt. The Place. The Comedy. The People. The Stories. The Mysteries. The The. The Other Stuff. Also, the people that make the place so FREAKING cool. From time-to-time we’re going to highlight some of the people that make the NerdMelt Showroom the place you know and love. Today, we highlight Danielle N. Kramer, Program Director / Producer. Let’s get to it!

Danielle Kramer NerdMelt Showroom

What’s Your Name: Danielle N. Kramer, Program Director / Producer at Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics

What’s Your Favorite NerdMelt Memory: Louis C.K. dropping in at The Meltdown. That was the first time I saw someone who really took the air out of the room. It was like that scene in Bambie, where Bambie sees The Great Prince prancing all over the meadow and like, being the alpha deer, the one that you’re like, that’s the dude, and Bambie’s mom is like, yep, that’s your dad. It was like that but with everyone looking at Louie, and we’re all like, yep, that’s our dad.

Besides Being a NerdTern/Working at NerdMelt, What Do You Like To Do: I like to share my favorite things with other people, which is great that that’s a huge part of my job. I have had the pleasure of producing comedy shows SketchMelt, Telethon! and Booze Cruise, and before all that, Comedy Palace in Los Feliz, giving me the chance to work with some incredibly talented writers, producers, comics, sketch groups and musicians. I have somehow finagled getting amazing artists to make work for art exhibits I’ve curated. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by with bright, funny, creative people every day, and for that I am incredibly grateful.  I try to write and perform when I can. In my down time, I love entertaining and baking and gardening and watching movies. Since I’m becoming an old lady, movie watching is most of what I do when I’m not working.

Any Place People Can Check Out Some of Your Other Projects (your website, etc): For updates on fun show stuff, I’m on the Twitter @DanielleNKramer and on the Tumblr at Please do not check me out on LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, MySpace, FourSquare, or anything else with badges. Not because I don’t want to be friends with you on those, but because I’ve forgotten all my passwords and they have pictures of me from 2003-2006.

How Should People Say “Hi” To You at the Showroom if/when They See You Working: Stop often and mimic me as you approach. Avoid eye contact. If I am feeding you can pluck the same grass or bush that I am eating. Though it may not seem like it to you, I can hear you plucking the grass and brush. Repeat this as needed until I stop watching you and go back to normal behavior.

Hi Five or Low Five: Since working with Ed Salazar, I’ve come to expect nothing less than a super hard, perfectly landed high five.

Favorite Type of Comedy: The smart artsy-pants Louie stuff, the stonery Workaholics stuff, the coming-of-age, tear-jerky John Hughes stuff, and Seinfeld and Wayne’s World and The Kids In the Hall.

Favorite TV Show: Ulgh. Please see above, and add League of Gentlmen. And Curb. And Arrested Development. Actually, scratch those. Breaking Bad, hands down.

Favorite Band: Tom Waits. No, Collective Soul. No, write Tom Waits.

Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club, because it reminds my of my childhood and my adult life and my husband and Chicago and my other favorite movies.

Favorite Comic: They are all my favorites.

Words of Wisdom: Don’t pick your favorite comic when you work with all comics.

Yay! We did it. Don’t you feel better about yourself? We thought so! While you’re here why not check out our full calendar of shows, pick one (or several) and swing by. Who knows, you might even get to see Danielle yourself!

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