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Nov 202012

UPDATE: Pre-Thanksgiving show RSVPs are full. We will, however, be releasing a limited few spots at the door :)

The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail gives you something to be thankful for with a free pre-Thanksgiving show on Wednesday, 11/21. You need to RSVP to get in though, so be sure to run like a turkey with its head cut off* and make your reservation now.

Wednesday’s show promises to be a real treat with the comedic stylings of Greg Fitzsimmons, Christine Pazitsky, Brody Stevens, Kevin Avery (from Australia), Tommy Dassalo, Kyle Kinane, and…PIE!

meltdown show free thanksgiving nerdmelt

*please don’t run like a turkey with its head cut off. Come to think of it, we’re not even 100% sure that turkeys with cut off heads can run at all.


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