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Nov 062012

Way way back in the day, two long years ago, a funny little show, The Meltdown Show, was born in the back of Meltdown Comics.  Thanks to community love and a lot of TLC, the show grew up to become a Los Angeles comedy staple that grew up strong and gave life to everything wonderful that is now the NerdMelt Showroom.

The funny and talented Kumail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray, and their tireless producer Emily V. Gordon have given you 100 Wednesdays of jokes, 100 Wednesdays of community, 100 Wednesdays of Dave Kloc posters and VIPs, 100 Wednesdays of dropins that continue to blow your mind or make you check your Twitter feed and want to die because why did you miss that one show that one time and THAT shit happened?!?!  Thank you all for sharing these amazing moments with us.  Let’s all tip our hats and say happy anniversary to Emily, Jonah and Kumail and everyone else who works hard to make the show happen for bringing us a weekly dose of pure happiness for the last two years.

Tomorrow we celebrate 2 years and 100 shows of The Meltdown goodness.  Get your tickets now before they sell out.   The two year celebration will have a very special school picture photo op (bring your cheesiest Olan Mills smile), cakes, balloons, and see who gets crowned Prom King and Queen of The Meltdown. Thank you so much for making the show an amazing place to be.  We know we’ll see you there.



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