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Sep 122011

In last week’s awesome and mind-blowing episode of Breaking Bad — entitled “Hermanos” — we caught a glimpse of Gustavo Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito, in an Emmy Award-worthy turn) past. We found out that he is a Chilean who immigrated to America (via Mexico) who now operates a successful business.

Guess which real life Chilean immigrant who currently operates a successful American business was psyched to see one of his favorite shows incorporate such a detailed background for one of its main (and totally awesome) characters?

This guy:


It’s Gaston, Meltdown Comics’ master impresario!

Not only does has have great taste in television programing, he can also coolly pose for a bad-ass pic.

Don’t forget to say “hi” to Gaston when picking up some of the DC Comics New 52 books this week. And be prepared to discuss the latest episode of Breaking Bad.

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  4 Responses to “Gustavo Fring’s Chilean Connection?”

  1. Gustavo speaks of “pila marina” (Chilean food) when Walter invited to eat, then talk of Santiago and the University of Santiago … the character actually has a link with Chile. What is unfortunate is that his Spanish is so bad (like my english)

    greetings from Chile

    (I studied at the University of Santiago, will not like the dean of chemistry have among their “graduates fictitious” a “cook” jajaja)

    • Was just looking through the Breaking Bad footage trying to find that “Chilean Fish Stew” Gustavo made for Walt but couldnt remember what it was called. Is your reference ““pila marina” (Chilean food)- accurate? Cant find a stew with such a name.

  2. So, despite his mangled Spanish, we ARE supposed to believe Fring is from Chile?

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